Hit The Dziećkowice Beach

While visiting the country we always tend to see the big cities first and that somehow makes sense, from my experience while being in Poland, I would say that there are many small places that are really worth visiting. Well now, I’m gonna tell you a bit about Mysłowice, a bit because I still have a lot to explore.

I wanna begin with Mysłowice , the city in Silesia in southern Poland, near Katowice. one of the oldest towns in Upper Silesia. Located at the confluence of the White and Black Przemsza rivers, it is situated on an important trading route from Wrocław to Kraków. There are some buildings in Mysłowice which prove the medieval origin of the town. Farna Church, located near the market square, is the oldest and probably the only brick church in Mysłowice.
Except this, there are some museums that you can visit and find out a lot but as you know now the time isn’t so good for this, as they’re closed but at least we can walk and walk around the city and explore places. Let me introduce one of my fav places here (tbh I haven’t seen a lot but still), that’s “Zbiornik Dziećkowice” – beautiful lake with amazing views.

It is located on the outskirts of the Silesian Voivodeship between Mysłowice, Jaworzno, Imielin and Chełm Śląski. Currently, it is one of the cleanest reservoirs in the Silesia Province and serves as a drinking and recreational water reservoir. Sailing competitions take place here, and it is also very attractive in terms of fishing, including practically all fish species occurring in Polish waters. I need to admit that there has been a yacht club, a camping site and catering facilities. Although swimming is not allowed in the lake, there are plenty of small beaches around it. So if you’re crazy about sunbathing like I am, you should visit this sandy beach. I went there on foot but it can be traveled around by bike. To do this, you need to cover about13 km.

Zbiornik Dziećkowice

Well by visiting this lake you can do a lot of things like sunbathing, working out, just chilling, camping or at least enjoying the stunning views. :))
 As I’ve already told I still have a lot to explore so I’ll keep you updated!

Khato Z


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