A visit to Czantoria Mountain on the border of Poland and Czech Republic (Silesian Voivodeship)

There’s nothing quite like an adventure in the mountains, being surrounded by nature’s giants. The achievement of reaching the summit, the epic views along the way. Last Sunday we visited the Czantoria Mountain, we could feel the Sun, Snow and Wind elements were all along with us during this journey companying us with short intervals. Amazing, isn’t it?

I would like to mention a characteristic fact about Czantoria mountain that it shares the borders of two Countries Poland and Czech Republic, but a thing that I love about mountains is that they don’t pay attention to the borders ;). We started our walking from Ustron to go up in the Mountain to find breath-taking views and rush of the air.

On top we could try typical Czech tea with different flavours such as lemon and cinnamon, peach, ginger etc. We rested a bit grabbed something to eat and preparing ourselves for the way back.

The feeling of weightlessness when I “ski” down <3. I entertained a lot by standing on my feet and slipping on the snow without any tool.

A Sunday very well spent in cheerful company.

-Fabjola D-


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