Timeline: Present, Past, Future – Khato T’s Amazing and Memorable Mid-term Training

Hello again! What’s happening today? Of course today I am going to tell you about my unusual midterm and everything related to this exciting week. To tell you the truth exactly the week before I received the letter about Midterm, I called out that I wanted to take part in something new and exciting. And Voilà I got exactly what I wanted. It was even more than I wanted, that is why I am very satisfied and happy. So keep reading.

From the first day we learned what our training goals were it was clear that this one week would be truly unforgettable. Even more important than On-arrival trainings. So what were the goals accompanying our meeting:

1. Meeting other volunteers, getting to know, inspire each other and learn from the experience of other people.

2. Being here and now: focusing on needs and ideas.

3. Evaluating of the current course of the project and its activities, including cooperation with the host organisation.

4. Planning activities for the rest of the project as well as possible changes/improvements to the project when necessary.

5. The opportunity to analyze your own learning process, in particular in the context of key competences under the Youth pass certificate.

6. Obtaining information on educational and professional opportunities that can be used after the end of the project. And now from here’s view I really can say that we did it 100%.

In break out rooms we shared our stories and challenges, we were talking about projects and living situations, about our next steps and future, our new skills and abilities, there were many issues we were talking about. More importantly, we worked individually as well as in large and small groups, which further improved our communicative and group work skills.

By learning M. Rokeach values’ list we indicate what is important for us? In our life? In our Work? In oer relation to others? In our relation to our surroundings, social and natural environment? What is important spiritually? … and we share our hierarchy of values in pair. It was really interesting and needed.

With activities such as talking about Youthpass and getting more information about it, I learnt more about Youthpass language and key elements of interviewing process.

It could be said that it was a kind of timeline. Because we started with the past experiences , then we considered the present and planned and analyzed the next steps for our better future. Moreover, All participants shared information about their volunteering, working and studying opportunities abroad or in Poland.

I would definitely say it was an informative training. However it must be said that it was funny, amusing and entertaining. One of my favorite activity was Polish art -“re-created” at home by Volunteers. I did my version of a painting by a Polish artist Władysław Ślewiński “Sleeping Woman with a Cat “ (1896).

Especially thanks to my extraordinary trainers Wojtek and Eliza. The songs or energizers selected each morning by Eliza and Wojtek made it even more fun and interesting day.

To sum up everything I want to say “Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you Until we meet again!” (Unknown author). Thanks to everyone for this extraordinary week. P.S I want to participate in the final training too.

Władysław Ślewiński “Sleeping Woman with a Cat “ (1896)

Do zobaczenia wkrótce

Khato Turmanidze


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