Georgia – Hidden Beauty – 5 Reasons Why We Should Visit This Country

The unique country of Georgia is sandwiched between Europe and Asia. It is not only a crossroads of cultures but also has a wealth of spectacular landscapes. Mix the influence of Asia with the looks and culture of Europe and you’ll get – Georgia! This unusual but very charming country may not be your top pick for next travel destination. However, I’m here to change your mind and give you 5 great reasons why Georgia is worth the visit! So let’s start.


Have you ever been dreaming about traveling to the past? If your answer is positive then dreams come true. All you need is just to grab a ticket to Georgia – the country with rich history and intangible cultural heritage.

Georgia is a country with truly outstanding landscapes, medieval churches, monasteries and ancient traditions. Here every stone is a silent witness of the rich past. The country is almost packed with shrines and ancient sights the majority of which is closely linked with Christianity. In Georgia religion has always been the indispensable part of the culture.

There are numerous monasteries and churches that were built many centuries ago. Most of them are included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list.

Holy Mother Virgin Nativity Cathedral. © Khatuna Turmanidze

2.Ushguli: Europe’s highest village

After a busy city life full of anxiety and rush all you need is to get lost in the laps of Georgia’s stunning nature. This is exactly what you need to gain strength and harmony. Throughout the world, Georgia is renowned for its high mountains with alpine green hills and even tropical forests.

Its climate is mild continental while clean air, 365 days of sun, amazing lakes and mountainous rivers with abundant thermal springs alongside with the Black Sea beaches make Georgia a perfect destination for recreation. Georgia offers limitless varieties for spending your vacation. Especially for the lovers of ecoturism, they can visit Svaneti and Tusheti regions where they can find nearly untouched nature with authentic old-Georgian lifestyle. Way up in the Caucasus Mountains around 2,200 meters above sea level, this small village is Europe’s highest continuously inhabited settlement. Sitting at the foot of Mount Shkhara, Georgia’s highest point, Ushguli is famous for the medieval defensive towers connected to each house. It’s deep in the Svaneti region, known for its unique culture that was once cut off from the rest of the country.

Svaneti, Ushguli. © Khatuna Turmanidze 

3. The birthplace of wine

When we think of the origin of wine we tend to think of France, Italy, Greece or Persia, but Georgia is in fact one of the world’s oldest wine regions. In 2003, archaeologists found evidence that Stone Age people were producing wine here up to 8,000 years ago. Since then, wine has played a core part in Georgia’s national identity.

Georgian Grape. © Khatuna Turmanidze


Never visit Georgia if you are planning to lose weight otherwise you tend to fail. Being situated at the crossroads of different cultures and traditions the Georgian cuisine has embraced all the best flavors and tastes of Caucasian and European nations creating something extremely delicious.

There are plenty of options suitable for every tourist and budget: you can try local food both at street cozy cafes and high-scale restaurants. The taste will not change either way. The Georgian cuisine is rather spicy and fatty with an abundance of herbs and greens. The must-try dishes are khachapuri, khinkali, various sorts of cheese, kanchi and so on.

Kanchi. © Khatuna Turmanidze


Should you include Batumi in this list? Of course, yes. Batumi is usually associated with three things: Beach, mixed traditional and modern styles and booze. If that’s not your scene, it’s tempting to skip Batumi altogether. Nowadays, it’s an important port. The city still has that seaside resort vibe and the summer crowds to back it up, but there’s another side to Batumi that I really wish more travellers took the time to experience.

Batumi is the capital of Adjara, an autonomous region with its own flag, its own dialect and its own delicious cuisine.

Beyond the beach, Batumi offers bizarre architecturebeautiful nature, an excellent cafe culturevibrant markets, street art and much more. Outside the city, you’ll find everything from Roman ruins to one of the region’s biggest botanical garden and easy hikes in some of Georgia’s best national parks.

Of course, there are many reasons to visit this beautiful country, but if you want to see reality with your own eyes you have to visit Georgia and to do awesome things. As it is said, better to see once, than hear it hundred times. So see you next time.

Batumi. The Capital of Adjara © Khatuna Turmanidze

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