Power of Art therapy

Do you love mixing colors and making color combinations? Does it make you feel so calm and inspired? Well, for some people it is a hobby and even more – good way to deal with stress. Chalk, drawing, paint—artistic expression is limitless.
Today I want to talk about art therapy and its benefits.

Art therapy, also known as expressive therapy, uses art as a communication and lets people explore and express their emotions and thoughts. … The process of art therapy includes using paints, marker or chalk to draw and paint their emotions.
The term “art therapy” was coined in 1942 by British artist Adrian Hill.
Art therapy is an opportunity and way of expression. Tbh, most interesting thing is observing what colors are you mixing and what shapes are you making. It tells lot about your emotions in this current situation. Art therapy is a voice of your subconscious mind and it always gives you right massages by symbols, it is like dream during sleeping.
For example, Carl Jung identifies those symbols with unconscious attitudes that hide in the conscious mind. These archetypes manifest through more or less universal symbols and colors that help increase the understanding of unconscious attitudes. Thus, each figure that appears in a dream or in your art work, can represent your specific quality.
Yes, sounds like deep meditation and actually it really is deep meditation and helps you to analyze yourself more. Is not it interesting? I guess, it is..
You just need to choose right music while painting. My advice is, just try to mix colors during listening music or your favorite song.. Dont think about how to paint and what to paint, nobody is gonna give you points or applause, or criticize you for asymmetrical shapes. When you are not waiting for someones comment or mind, you work better and art works look better either.
Just trust your inner voice and dont think way too much how perfect each line will look alike, especially when you are beginner. Listen to music and paint, give yourself freedom, lately, results will amaze you.
Art therapy provides creative, healthy ways to help youth decrease anxiety and worry, soothe, and regulate emotions and behavior; Art therapy can help strengthen a sense of self, self-esteem and overall awareness and discovery about identity.
I think that paintimg and in general art therapy is a great thing – it is calming and inspiring at the same time. This hobby really fulfills your emotions and mind. If you are searching for way how to have a calm, positive vibes here is a recipe 🥰
So, I wish you happy journey to this beautiful world of Art Therapy! Dont forget to turn on music 😊❤


-Ana Avlakhashvili


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