Atje në Tropojë! There in Tropoja! :)

If you’re looking for a place to explore and to have good people around Tropoja is the perfect place to be. This place is known for the diversity of culture since ancient times, the people of the area are wide known for their generosity and great hospitality, there are a lot of traditions which people keep with respect.

An explorer soul have a lot to do there, the nature is marvelous and pure. Would like to introduce you with the Valley Park Valbona, protected also from Unesco, nature of this park is rich in varieties suitable for tourism, fishing and climbing. In the interior of the Park there are plenty of interesting caves, from which the Dragobia Cave is distinguished.

Tropoja’s Dance stands out for its energy, dynamics, but also for the decorative variety of the folk costume, the characteristic traditional folk costume.It is presented in several folklore festivals worldwide. Beside that in the history of Albania, Tropoja is known as a place where were born brave people which protected the nation and fought for freedom, figures like: Bajram Curri, Mic Sokoli, Col Delia etc.

Moreover, in Tropoja are the roots of Epic of the Kreshniks” a cycle of legendary epic heroic songs, which is considered one of the most important artistic pillars of the spiritual culture of Albanians.

There is many more to say but I will finish by inviting you to visit this beautiful place ❤

Fabjola D


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