On-Arrival Training – Reflections

Last week, I attended the On-Arrival training which unfortunately took place online due to the Pandemic. But however, it was better than I had expected it to be. Even though we were engaging with each other online we still felt connected with each other and so eager to learn from each other.

We were all people coming from different backgrounds, different cultures and above all different personalities. But this didn’t affect us from coming together and working together. It is true that sometimes the stereotypes we have for specific countries and cultures may influence our actions but the most important thing is to go beyond them and to be open for discussions that may change them. And that’s how I felt during this training; I felt I learnt so many things in one week, I had the chance to represent my country and share with them dreams, reflections and feelings.

Each one of us shared some tips and tricks about different things we were interested in. Someone talked about travelling and how we can make it more affordable, another one talked about their culture, another talked about working with children and youngsters and together we all talked about the Polish culture, the common and similarities with our own culture.

At the end, we reflected on what Solidarity meant to us, how it was reflected in our everyday work and what we could do to make it even more visible.

All in all, I can say I had a very great time with these people and the trainers. Can’t wait for the mid-term training. 🙂



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