Łódź through my lens

When it comes to travel in Poland you’re probably familiar with a few of the cities top tourist attractions – like Kraków, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław and so on, but what do you know about Łódź? So today I want to draw your attention to Łódź.

There are plenty of wonderful places in Łódź in which you can walk with your friends, parks to have a picnic, in one word it depends on what you like – old, historic monuments, modern or a mixture of both. Because  Łódź is diverse and here you will meet everything. Let’s start and get to know more about this colourful city. Here are top attractive destinations, which we saw and which we were thrilled about.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

In the center of Łódź you will see an incredibly colorful cathedral, which really stands out in the heart of Łódź. It belongs to the Orthodox church and was built at the end of the 19th century. The Cathedral was financed by the most prominent factory owners at that time, Karl Scheibler, Izrael Poznanski and Luliusz Kunitzer (none of whom were actually Orthodox Christians), to celebrate the miraculous survival of Russian Emperor Alexander II from an assassination attempt in 1879. (Poland was a part of Russia at the time). We admired this beautiful, distinguished church even though it was closed and we could not get inside.


I would say one of the attractive place is Piotrkowska Street. It is 4.2 km (2.6 mi) long, what makes it the longest promenade in Poland and one of the longest shopping street in Europe. Due to its unique buildings, the street has been entirely inscribed into the register of monuments. Along the street, there are old houses, industrialists’ palaces and villas, churches and memorials including Gallery of Great Citizens of Lodz (Julian Tuwim’s bench, Artur Rubinstein’s piano, Władysław Reymont’s trunk and others).



Also one of my favourite place was a shopping & entertainment centre, located in former Izrael Poznański’s factory complex. The 27 ha (67 ac) area comprises such places of interest as the market place with the fountain, Museum of the Factory, ms² Museum of Art, restaurants, more than 250 shops, discos, bowling alley, climbing wall, cinema, theatre and hotel.

The centre has won many national and international awards for successful revitalization of a former factory complex.


A well preserved residential and industrial complex founded in the 19th century by Karol Wilhelm Scheibler, the richest industrialist of Lodz. It is a company town within the city, including factory buildings, terraced houses for workers (so-called famuły), shop (so-called konsum), school, two hospitals, fire station and gas works building. The entire complex is inscribed into the register of monuments.


Lodz murals – large-format graffiti which already grew into the city landscape and changed the face of Lodz. They are known and admired not only in the country but also world-wide.

Over 70 murals appeared in Lodz until now. Much of them were created during Urban Forms Gallery festival which is among the five major street art festivals in the world.


And the best out of the best was Planetarium, which is located in a former electric power plant. West part is the future Centre of Science and Technology. East part is adapted to suit their new functions in order to promote culture. In former Machine Hall concerts, conferences are held. The main attraction of the complex is the most modern Planetarium.


To sum up, I would say If you’re planning to spend any amount of time in Polad, I highly suggest dedicating at least one full day to exploring Łódź. There are dozens and dozens of great cities to visit in Poland, But in my opinion, Łódź is on the list of must-see places.

See you …

Khato Turmanidze


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