It’s world children’s day!

1 June always marks a special day in the Polish calendar – Children’s Day. This holiday has roots in the United states, having started when a Massachusetts pastor gave a special sermon for and about children in 1857. However, International Children’s Day officially began in 1925 when the World Conference on Child Welfare declared it in Geneva, Switzerland. The holiday quickly spread from then on, and International Children’s Day in Poland was officially recognized in 1950.

Polish Children’s Day is predominantly a day for children to have zabawa (“fun”) and enjoy themselves. There’s also an emphasis on protecting children’s rights—particularly those outlined in the Konwencja o prawach dziecka—to ensure that they have a fulfilling dzieciństwo (“childhood”). To celebrate this marvelous day Gminna Osrodek kultury in Wola decided to bring joy and happiness in children’s day.

A day spent with kids is a day well spent. Not only we brought joy in their lives but they made our day beautiful too. Seeing kids have fun is one of the most important things in life as kids are the future. I am forever greatful for the opportunity and I have to underline that what GOK does for its citizens is amazing.

During children;s day celebration we dressed in different costumes and went around whole miedzna. We offered kids and their parents diffeent types of activities. In the beginning to brak the ice we taught them how to do simple dance on the music of ramzamza. Later we played game with puzzles and finally we closed the celebration with bubble show and some sweets for kids.

As every year Gok is offering different interesting activities do not worry if you missed it this year but be attentive you never know what surprise might be waiting for you on children’s day.

Tamar Bichiashvili


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