Hello! Today I wanna tell you about my trip to Krakow and all the impressions of seeing Leonardo Da Vinci’s artwork – Lady with an Ermine.
If you remember in my previous blog about Krakow I mentioned that Krakow is must visiting place, not only for amazing history and beautiful sightseeings, also for Czartoryski museum, because there is one of the most impressive artworks from renaissance period – Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci.

So, as soon as my train arrived in Krakow I directly went to Czartoryski museum, directly to second floor to see this amazing artwork!
From the first day of staying in Poland it was my biggest wish to see it! During my first trip to Krakow for some reasons I didnt managed seeing Leonardo but in this case everything was different.
What to say? It’s hard to describe, when you see a masterpiece worth a millions words are overmuch.
This artwork looked so real, all the lines and shadows were made with unique and maybe with secret techniques. In short – its jaw dropping.
The first question in my mind was about how this art work of Italian painter came to Poland? What was the history behind it?
Well, the history is very interesting:
The Lady With An Ermine’ came into Polish hands in 1800, after it was bought by the young Prince Adam Czartoryski during his tour of Italy. The painting was for his mother, a keen collector and the foundress of the Czartoryski Museum.

Princess Izabela may have been a great patriot but her handling of the Leonardo painting would have given modern art historians a heart attack. ‘If it’s a dog, it’s a very ugly one’ she remarked on receiving the portrait from the gallant Prince Adam.
She didn’t like the blue background of the portrait, so she covered it with a black color.

Some facts about Lady with an Ermine:

You have to know that it’s one of only four women’s portraits painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

The painting is in excellent condition despite the passage of 500 years.

According to some art historians, it is the first portrait of modern-ages in the world.

The portrait is a great example of individual Leonardo’s painting style and his unique light and shadow crossing.

It’s the first renaissance painting of a woman that shows her personality and mind, not only her beauty.

Despite the static pose of the model, the picture seems to be very dynamic. It’s thanks to the illusion of model’s rotation and moving her gaze.

Did you know that?

So do not forget

“Lady with an Ermine” is one of the most amazing paintings from the Renaissance era.
It’s unusual because of the technique, composition, meaning and history behind it.
so you can see it by yourself during your visit to Poland!

Sincerely, Ana Avlakhashvili


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