That’s why you should risk sometimes

Today I wanna tell you about my volunteering project
Why I decided to became a volunteer?
Well, that’s interesting question.
It was in a may after hard working day when I came at home and started scrolling Facebook and saw my friend’s post in university group.
I clicked.

I have never been fun of traveling, only been in a plane when I was a kid. My friends who have been volunteers or exchange program students before, always were telling me that volunteering is a great opportunity, especially when you are in your early 20ies. Being always nervous, almost never having enough time for my hobbies and interests, being involved from head to toe in a hard daily routine and suddenly invisible hand gave me a chance to be a volunteer of European solidarity Corps.

When I was filling application, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting that it would be real. Why? Well… mostly not having communication with English speaking society it was hard to imagine. Those times my English pronunciation was I dont know… maybe funny. But I gave a chance to myself and a promise to improve my skills.
It was bit risky, especially when it comes to living abroad during Covid-19 pandemic things are no longer funny. Leaving my friends and loved ones were making decision making process even more difficult.
But, you know what? There is a saying, if you never risk, you will never drink a champagne and maybe that’s right.
It was the first year after finishing university and finally after some internships I have got a job. Never leaving my comfort zone, almost doing the same things every day made me question myself, what would happen if I had left this comfort zone. I always remember my friends, who were telling me how interesting and adventurous is living abroad. During my college years I had some trainings with children age 14-15 which I really enjoyed, so the idea of project about working with children and having fun games, really seemed nice and challenging also due to my language barrier.
Just imagining to continue living in the same daily routine for years, made me realize that it’s my time and my moment to change my life.
Maybe you will always got a job, but volunteering is more challenging, more difficult and interestubg, especially when you have never lived abroad. So, I made a decision to accept this challenge.
And now, after 10 months of volunteering I really see things differently. This project helped me to develop not only personal but also professional skills too. Working in a different situation where nobody speaks your language, is a great challenge for a young person.
During this project I had presentations about my country, our culture and traditions. Most interesting part was when I was asking students if they knew something about Georgia, surprisingly they knew a lot.
During lockdown, I was writing blogs, making videos and online classes. Actually during this lockdown, during winter time I realized that real winter is much colder than I imagined before.
Yes, when it comes to Polish winter, things are no longer funny.
After lockdown I started going to MDK where I was having workshops with children, soon after the school started, had classes where students and me were discussing different topics like art, advertising and technology. Also I was playing some sport games and overall it was interesting experience.
Living in a Oswiecim for foreigners is intriguing, visiting museums and knowing history of this little coziest town made my volunteering project even more interesting.
This period I always had enough time for my hobbies! Even I have got a new hobby – working with ceramics. Going back to Georgia soon, I’m planning to continue working on ceramics.
Actually this project was a about exploring Poland too, I visited lot of cities, Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw… Each city tells you each history. Beautiful monuments and architecture, lot of museums, galleries and treasures like Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo DaVinci, was the main highlight of my brilliant adventure in Poland.
So, it is a story which began only with one click during scrolling Facebook.

All the best, Ana Avlakhashvili


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