Adapting to a new place

There always have been debatable discussions on whether it is better to stay in one place or to move in search of new one. Moving to a new place is always challenging. It is challenging because you have to adapt quickly. You get to meet new people of different backgrounds. You have to develop new relationship with them. You need to understand them, as you have to live in that place for some time.

But on the other hand, these challenges often bring new experiences which help us grow and I think each one of us is always trying to pursuit this constant growth. Nothing good comes easy and most of the time when you are in a different country, you need to try harder to fit. Sometimes, you will find yourself in the middle of the conversation and yet you understand nothing.

It’s these kind of moments that make you feel awkward but with time you learn to manage and control your own feelings and you get to know new people and eventually you make new friends. I’ve always loved moving to a new country because I enjoy this whole process of adaptation and getting to know myself in new light.

-Elda Ndoja


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