Tamunas Mid-Term Training

Dzień dobry !

I hope you are having as amazing time as I had last week when I had the chance to attend mid-term training organized by National Agency. To be honest I have mixed feelings. At the same time, I am happy to meet amazing people, discuss interesting topics such as the past, present, and future, but at the same time, I feel sad as I know that half of my volunteering project is gone.

Our sessions started with showing each other how our one normal afternoon looks like in Poland. Activity was very inetersting as we created interesting posters, videos, broke ice between each other and started free communication. Next session was dedicated to talking about future possibilities.

We were free to choose most interesting topics for us, for example:
– What to do after ESC?
– What opportunities of working/studying/volunteering abroad are available?
– How to use skills gained during ESC in professional career?
– How to save money for travelling?

To answer those questions we could prepare, lead and participate in workshops during the training. All volunteers had creative ideas for presenting chosen topics. Most popular one was life after ESC. During the meeting we did some research about other international programs, we tried to name skills we gained in this 5 month and wrote sample CV using the list of Youthpass competences.

One of the session was dedicated to values and our growth. We wrote down and thought about our 3 main values in life. Activity was very interesting as we generally say that we are following our values but we never search deep meanings behind them. Moreover, we got introduced to some Polish art and Polish artists. During that activity we were asked to recreate the famous paintings using 3 objects from the house. Every volunteer had amazing works of art prepared and we had a lot of fun sharing it with each other.

Sadly training took part online due to the corona virus but still I am forever happy for this opportunity and for meeting amazing trainers like Anya, Marta, Dagna and Eliza ❤

-Tamuna Bichiashvili

Afteernoon with Tamuna


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