I’ve lived in Poland (near Katowice) for 10 months, visited Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and haven’t seen Silesian Museum before now. What a shame! But that’s the fact. It’s been only a week I visited it and I wanna admit that I’m really impressed. Below you’ll see the reason.

Silesian Museum is a museum n the City of Katowice, Poland. The museum’s quality of the permanent exhibitions and the architectures, huge underground museum with interesting installations, art gallery are really impressive. Fantastic place to learn about unique history of the region. Obliged by the heritage of the region, the dynamics of its history, multiculturalism and the leading role of industry, while recognizing its intellectual and artistic achievements, the Silesian Museum undertakes the mission of creating a space for dialogue with the past and contemporary achievements in order to learn more about Silesia, Poland and Europe.

There are art galleries in Silesian Museum, a history museum, a viewing tower, and a couple of temporary exhibits. Tbh, I have never been so much art lover and art person but after being impressed by visiting this place I totally changed my mind. History, exhibition were truly excellent and jaw-dropping. I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to get to know the history of Silesia.

After exploring the riches of the depths of the Silesian Museum, then having a look at Katowice from quite a different angle, observation tower, is another sightseeing. The observation platform is located 40 meters above the ground. It offers views of the entire Culture Zone and the city skyline.

From my experience, Silesian Museum is really worth visiting. BTW, u can visit it on Tuesday, cause it’s usually free on that days. 😉
Muzeum Śląskie, has come to be the region’s most important cultural center, an essential part of Silesia’s social life and a major voice on Poland’s cultural map.
Below sharing the pictures taken by me;)

Khato Z


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