Shizuoka Press And Broadcasting Tower

Being an avid fan of architecture, I always try to discover as much as I can about bizarre buildings, since modern architecture is being monopolized by skyscrapers, indistinguishable from each- other. Shizuoka Press and Broadcasting Tower is one of those buildings.

“I came to the idea of ​​building a” pillar of the city “with an intention to be an indirect stimulus… I built this tower with the idea of ​​bringing the urban scale in this dynamic part of the city”. – Kenzo Tange

One of architect Kenzo Tange’s most iconic buildings, an early example of Metabolist architecture, was completed in 1967 and occupies a prominent corner location just north of Shimbashi station.

As one of the eldest in a long line of architects that have made Japan one of the most revered countries in architecture, Pritzker-Prize winning architect Kenzo Tange [September 1913 – March 2005] helped define Japan’s post-WWII emergence into Modernism.

In 1966 the Newspaper and Shizuoka Broadcasting Corporation instructs the Japanese architect with the construction of its headquarters in the district of Ginza, Tokyo. This is the first project that manages to unite Tange spatial concepts of architecture and urban planning.

Built on a triangular site that’s only 189 square meters in size, the building is constructed around a 7.7m-diameter cylindrical core containing elevators and stairways as well as kitchens and bathrooms on each floor. Thirteen Individual cantilevered office units are attached to the core, which is 57 meters high, using gigantic bolts.




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