Hello everyone,

I am Syuzanna. I am 23 years old and I am from an ancient country – Armenia, the homeland of the oldest winery in the world, and the first Christian country with over 4000 churches and with a historical heritage of 3000 years. So, if one day you go to Armenia, make sure to visit an old and beautiful church on an eye-catching mountain and have a glass of rich Armenian wine.

I am from the village Odzun which is located in the North of Armenia. However, most of my life I’ve lived in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. My family moved to Yerevan when I was only five but I have spent many vacations in the village. So, I have a deep emotional connection with both places.

I graduated from a university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration two years ago, and until recently, I was working as a marketing consultant. One day I was walking in the streets of Yerevan near the business center where I work and suddenly I realized that I feel like I am walking in my apartment. That was a pretty nice and warm feeling. It made me realize how emotionally connected I am to Yerevan but it also scared me. It was clear to me that Yerevan has become my comfort zone. This was when I decided I had to change something. I wanted put myself in an unfamiliar environment to explore my personality.

Republic Square, Yerevan

No matter how cozy and relaxing comfort zones feel, they stop our growth and progress. So, when I had this opportunity to come to Poland in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps Program and do a volunteering project at the FRSP office in Wola, I was sure I should take the chance and get out of my comfort zone. I had done many volunteering projects in Armenia and I have always liked the idea of volunteering. As we are living our lives, it is very important to give something back to our communities, countries, and make our world a better place.  

I love doing yoga and meditating. These are my tools for bringing balance and awareness into my life. During the past several years, I have witnessed how my inner world changed and became more stable. Yoga taught me how to avoid everyday emotional drama and take responsibility for my inner well-being and joy. Indeed, the world changes when we take a deep breath, and take charge of what is going on in our minds.

As a child, I loved the balcony of my grandparent’s house because far away I could see magnificent mountains. They were so beautiful. I still love mountains and I love hiking. There is some unexplainable energy in mountains. I enjoy climbing a mountain, sitting on the peak, and enjoying the view. In Armenia, nature is just fantastic. The mountainous landscape with lakes and waterfalls is spectacular and breathtaking. 

Armenia is a heaven for people who love extreme tourism. Lovers of paragliding or hiking, like our mountains, especially Aragats (the highest summit is 4090m above sea level). If you go to the countryside or other places where nature has not yet been touched by a man, you can find yourself surrounded by mountain ridges and enjoy not only the impressive view but also the purest air.

I am looking forward to sharing more about my country, my culture, learning as much as I can about Poland, and having my contribution to the project “Empowering regions through volunteering”. I am positive that all of it will allow me to “meet” myself and know myself better. 



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