Contemporary Georgian movies you should watch

Georgian cinematography is almost as old as cinema itself. Georgia has a rich history of movie production, creating some of the greatest films that are still popular in post-Soviet countries. Georgian cinema was a reflection of the country’s history, and it continues to show its current reality. So here’s a list of contemporary Georgian movies you might want to watch.

Simindis Kundzuli (Corn Island)

In the movie Simindis kundzuli , a new island pops up in the middle of the river after a spring flood; the piece of land has no owner and is full of fertile soil. An ethnic Abkhazian old man and his orphaned granddaughter build a simple hut and plant corn on the island. They shelter a wounded soldier and protect him from those who are after him.

Mandarinebi (Tangerines)

Tangerines is set in a rural village of ethnic Estonians in Abkhazia. After the outbreak of war in Abkhazia, most people leave the town and go back to Estonia, except for Ivo and Margus. Margus decides to postpone his move so that he can harvest his tangerine crop, while Ivo attempts to make enough wooden boxes to hold the tangerines. As the film progresses, a conflict breaks out between two Chechen mercenaries, who are fighting on the Abkhazian side, and Georgian soldiers in front of Margus’ house. One person is left alive from each side. Ivo brings them both into his home and helps them.

Chemi Bednieri Ojakhi (My Happy Family)

In Georgia, which is a patriarchal society, it’s common for a family made up of three generations to live under one roof. In My Happy Family, Manana, who is 52 years old, decides to move out of her parents’ house without her family, including her husband, and live on her own. This decision shocks everyone.

Tamuna Bichiashvili


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