My summer camp experience!

Hi everyone, Elda here!

So, today I will be writing about my summer camp experience with the children from my workplace. Spoiler alert: IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Let’s start from the beginning…After a really long way from Rybnik, I finally made it to Kacwin. Before going there, I googled this place and to be honest my expectations weren’t that high but once I was there everything changed. So, lesson learned- Don’t trust Google for everything!

Kacwin is situated in Southern Poland, very close to the border with Slovakia. It’s a very picturesque village and once you are there it feels like you are in one of those Van Gogh’s paintings. Moreover, what I liked the most was the hospitality of people there. Everyone was so friendly, always making sure that you were enjoying your stay and you had no problems. Even when I was walking in the streets, people without knowing me were saying “Dzień dobre”. At first I was confused, but when I asked my polish colleagues they told me it’s very common in the mountains for people to salute each other.

As for the camp, there were 20 children participating, 20 energetic and special ones. We were visiting different places in Kacwin, chapels, castles, waterfalls, lakes and we would find a place, we would sit there and start painting these beautiful sightseeing’s. With all the paintings collected, there will be an exhibition at MDK. Soon after that, we would go back to guesthouse, eat dinner, some free time and then back to action again. Open air theatre, musicals, bonfires accompanied by songs and lovely people.

I would play with the children different games and also participate in their own activities. They were so eager to practice english with me, and I must say I loved the way they were trying their best to communicate with me. Also, they were very curious about albanian language so I taught them a few words which probably they already forgot!

My two colleagues deserve a thumbs up too. They were all the time energetic and passionate about this camp and that’s why it was this good!

That’s all for now, see you next week!



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