Enjoy your Journey … Wadowice

Hello, it’s Khato T and today we are going to talk about my amazing journey in Wadowice. Let’s start from a little bit with historical information. Wadowice is a city in southern Poland, 50 kilometres (31 miles) southwest of  Krakow. Wadowice is known for being the birthplace of Karol Wojtyła, later Pope John Paul II.

As we know hiking in nature is not only good for our bodies, it’s good for our moods, mind and our relationships too. The experience of hiking is unique, it’s not oxygenate heart, it helps keep your mind sharper, your body calmer, your creativity more alive and just to be happier and leave all your problems and communicate with nature.

As one group of research puts it “The synergistic effect of physical activity and time spent in nature make hiking an ideal activity to increase overall health and wellness.

It is good for your physical and emotional health. And it was same for us too. Hike near to Wadowice city, with friends and exercising together made our journey more fun and happier. All the way we talked, laughed and occasionally stopped and chatted.

One of the highlight was that we were looking for blueberries and it was our first time picking them. Even we could not pick many of them , still it was really funny and interesting.

Nevertheless, we collected a few mushrooms and learnt a few informative details about how to pick them properly. Plus the weather was perfect, normal temperature, then it rained, but it was a summer rain, which really like.

To sum up, I can say grab a water bottle, a backpack and take your friends and head out on the journey in Wadowice or in any other city of Poland. You won’t be sorry you did.

Wadowice ©Khatuna Turmanidze


Khato T


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