What is homesickness?

Hey readers! It’s Elda again. Today, I woke up feeling a little homesick and that’s why today’s topic will be “What is exactly Homesickness?”

It’s my fifth month now in Poland, for some people it may sound like a short time but today to me it looks like a year passed already. It’s my first time being away from home for this long and these days I have been questioning myself all the time about different aspects.

But what is home?

When researched for its definition, home is defined as a place of residence, the social unit formed by a family living together or a familiar or usual setting. Homesickness is a feeling of stress and anxiety caused by separation from home (Mason,2019). It can be likened as a transition between two worlds, adjusting to the change of situation and environment. Although, homesickness is not considered as a clinical condition, it can affect one’s mental state.

Furthermore, homesickness has both positive and negative effects. Although it is common, it can be associated with hard to deal emotions and experiences(Bologna,2018). It is a feeling of being sad ad incomplete and it is preoccupied with concerns such as “How is my family really, beyond the messages and video calls?”.

On the other hand, living in another country, away from your loved ones it can affect your life positively in a way that one may perceive it as a motivation to strive harder and remember the reason as to why they chose to be distant from home. One should learn how to balance and adjust to these changes to be able to overcome everyday challenges and to grow independently.


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