4 reasons to visit new cities

Yesterday was my third visit to Katowice, but it was the first time that I could wander around the city and learn more about it. I had an amazing day full of positive emotions, wonderful feelings, and beautiful memories. However, this was not something new to me. Every time I visit a new city, I feel how something changes inside me, and that is one of the best experiences in life. Here are four reasons why I like visiting new cities and why you should as well.

New worldview, new people, new lifestyles

You visit a new city, you catch its unique flavor, and you’re never the same. Your inner world becomes richer and deeper. When you live in one place in the circle of your family and friends for long enough, you can forget that there are other ways to live. When you visit different cities and meet new people with their unique customs and lifestyles, it opens new alternatives about how to live your life and how to look at different aspects of life. You understand that your reality is not the only existing reality.

Experience the diversity of the same culture

Each culture is as deep as an ocean and even beyond. You can never learn enough, but you can always discover more. When you visit different cities within the same country, you witness a variety of expressions of the same culture. You will see small and substantial differences in traditions, fashion, and even in language and cuisine. Every city has its unique flavor. Every time you visit a new place, you will have a chance to reveal something interesting. Even if you’re traveling inside your country, still you can notice that each town and each village are different.

Get out of your comfort zone

Comfort zones are dangerous. They make us feel good while, in reality, they are drowning us and hindering our personal growth. When we live in one city for a long time and see the same things over and over again, it becomes our comfort zone. That is how we become stuck in a rut and start living every day in the same way. Visiting new cities gives an opportunity to break free from the cage of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. It brings diversity to your life, teaches you how to adapt to new situations, live in new places, and helps you develop as a person.

Get the best education

Visiting new cities is the best way to learn more about the historical and cultural heritage of different nations. Just by walking in the streets and visiting cultural centers or museums, you can learn a lot about history, geography, politics, architecture, art, music, etc. This is the type of memorable education that you can never get in schools. We remember our experiences, feelings, and emotions the best. Everything you learn while traveling, you remember for a long time because you will feel a personal connection with it.

– Syuzanna


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