Must visit place in Poland: Szczyrk

“We are now in the mountains and they are in us, kindling enthusiasm, making every nerve quiver, filling every pore and cell of us.” John Muir. Cześć readers it’s Tamuna and today we need to talk about Szczyrk.

Szczyrk is a small town in the Silesian Beskids, located in the Żylica valley. Its origins are lost in the darkness of history. It is difficult to give a specific date when the first settlers appeared in the place of today’s Szczyrk, but it is known that they came from different parts of Europe: Poland, the Balkans , Germany , Austria , Hungary , Slovakia , the Czech Republic . They worked mainly in the fields. Szczyrk became attractive for tourists in the interwar period. By September 1939, about 10 guesthouses had been built, a shelter in Skrzyczne was also built , and the growing town of Szczyrk absorbed the neighboring Salmopol. At the beginning of 1973, Szczyrk was granted city rights. Szczyrk is popular with tourists who visit the region not only for mountain trailsThey come here all year round – skiing in winter , and when there is no snow – for other attractions: to go out on mountain trails , ride a bike, or simply breathe the mountain air and try the local cuisine .

As I was wondering in the mesmerizing szczyrk, I visited traditional polish restaurant named Stary karczma. If Polish cuisine were to be described in just one word, “heartfelt” would perhaps be the most fitting choice. I am talking mind-blowingly delicious, wholesome dishes served up in generous portions.


One of Poland’s most loved foods, bigos consists of a combination of three ingredients. The first is sauerkraut — the longer it’s cured the better.Then comes the meat, usually beef and/or pork. The more types of meat used, the heartier the taste. Finally, fresh shredded cabbage along with a variety of vegetables completes the simple magic of this iconic Polish stew.

So, If you are a person who loves visiting mountains, trying delicious traditional food and enjoys long walks, szczyrk is definitely a place for you.

Tamuna Bichiashvili


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