Happy Birthday To Me !

It’s my birthday today! That’s right…today is 16th of August and I’m 24. How did this happen? Does this mean I am officially an adult? When I was younger I used to think by 24-25 I want to be married and have kids and now I’m like … wait 24 isn’t really that old…

Today is an event which I am always stupidly excited about every year. Such a lot has happened this year. If someone had told me years ago that traveling, studying, and working as a volunteer in a different country  was something I would do for one year my reaction would have been “Huh? How?” If I’d known then that, I’d  never have believed them. It goes to show that change is something we SHOULD embrace. The things that we fear – including the fear of the unknown – can be what makes us when we look back. Had I not chosen to take the plunge, I wouldn’t now be sitting on a train writing this blog post while going to Katowice. I wouldn’t have finished my university studies. I wouldn’t have met amazing people who taught me a lot about life.

I learned a lot this year — many times, the hard way — about myself, identity, career, and relationships… Among Other Things. As I turn the page into a new year of my life, I want to share some transformative and perspective-changing lessons I’ve learned so far:

  1. You will cause yourself a lot of unnecessary pain by fueling the need to make others feel comfortable.
  2. Endings really are new beginnings.
  3. You are a Magnet- Magnet of feelings, emotions.
  4. Carpe diem – Be grateful for everything that is happening in your life.
  5. Dream big, smile a lot and live life to the fullest because it only happens once.

So, happy birthday to me, cheers to the new beginnings and a little wisdom for a Happy Life: Celebrate Each Day Like a Birthday.

  • Tamuna Bichiashvili

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