Perła Górnego Śląska

Some of us really like visits, others much less. Some will visit castles; others prefer more leisure and sporting activities. Castles are all unique. They all have their own history, their own architecture. They make us dream, we would live there if we could, or we find them too big. One thing is sure: they do not leave us indifferent!

Hello readers, its Tamuna and today we will talk about the pearl of Upper Silesia – Pszczyna castle.

A place that made a great impression on me was the Castle Museum in Pszczyna. Pszczyna, in German Pless, is located in southern Poland, in the Silesian Province. The settlement on the Pszczyna River was established in the 10th century. It is often called the Pearl of Upper Silesia and it does not surprise me at all.

Currently, the city, 32 km south of Katowice , is known for its beautiful palace, the last owners of which were the princes von Hochberg, members of one of the richest and most influential German families. Perhaps its most famous representative was Princess Daisy, famous for her great beauty, whose bench and monument can be found in the Pszczyna market square, and her portraits are in the residence itself. 

Princess Daisy

The interiors of the castle are decorated in various styles. The most representative are the staircase and the mirror room. The staircase is the room that appeared to the guests first and was supposed to make an impression on them, which undoubtedly was the case. To this day, the monumental, three-flight staircase made of light sandstone and a large bent glass lamp in a bronze setting are especially impressive. The mirror room is the highest room in the castle, on two floors. It has three 7.5 m windows at the front of the building and three balconies with wrought-iron balustrades opposite them. It owes its name to two large mirrors brought from Paris, each with an area of ​​approx. 14m2. Mirrors have survived to this day in perfect condition. This room originally served as a dining room, as evidenced by the marble buffet that still exists today. Currently, it houses a concert hall.

In addition to the delightful interiors of the castle, it is worth booking time for a walk in the park surrounding the palace. It is decorated in the English style and there are many small architecture objects, such as a charming tea room, an ice room or a family necropolis. There are canals and ponds in the park where you can go boating. I recommend delicious iced tea in the tea room on a small island, where you can also rent a boat. There are many monumental trees and shrubs in the park and it is also home to bison, roe deer, deer and peacocks.

Pszczyna is really a pearl of Upper silesia that i will definitely visit again and what interesting places in Poland have you visited recently?

Tamuna Bichiashvili


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