Amicus verus rara avis est

From a young age we all strive to form friendships, to feel that special moment of ‘oh yes, you get me’ as kindred spirits meet, cautiously at first then unconsciously a life-long friendship is cemented. To have even one two o’clock in the morning friend, on whom to call without fear of disturbing in moments of need, fear, sadness or even celebration. Throughout the year, I’ve learned so much about genuine love, and in that, realizing the importance of cultivating relationships and surrounding yourself with people who get you on a soul level.

The subject of friends has been on my mind this week as I am trying to reflect on everything that has happened to me during my stay as a volunteer in Poland. the older I get, the more thankful I am for those few, genuine people in my life who support me, are soft-hearted, but strong-minded.  The ones who are the same person in a room of 2 as they are in a room of 200. The friend I can simply look at and knows what I’m thinking.  The ones who can go deeper.  The ones who you know will defend you and you trust with your whole heart.  The ones that understand what unconditional love truly means and prove it.

On that note, I would like you to meet rare souls of my life and read about what friendship means to them.

A.M – For me its a connection between people. its not about talking a lot or helping, its more about understanding what the other person is feeling. Friendship is also about being comfortable with your friend. A true friend loves the imperfect you, the confused you, the wrong you – because that is the real you. Its hard to say what is friendship for me, because it’s a gift of life.

K.Tsomeone who is part of your life, shares all bad and happy moments of your life, friendship, metaphorical we can say is ship of life which we are sharing with friends, and friend is someone who is with us every time, so it is FRIENDSHIP.

G.SI don’t like questions like what is friendship, but I do it for You and i will text you. This is friendship.

F.DFriendship means the match of energy and vibes, a safe place where you feel understood and supported. It means sharing, enjoying and passing through a lot of things together.

Tamuna Bichiashvili


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