Getting used to new things

Everybody in his/her life experiences a lot of changes, even though some of them are trying to avoid them, and some of them urge to change every little detail very often. Some people make a huge deal of a small change, some people can’t live without any changes in their lives. And of course we have expectations from our changes, but sometimes it goes the way we didn’t want it or the other way around we expect bad things from our changes and it turns to be the best thing in our live. So how to deal with this problem? I think this is individual issue, but I can tell you how I am coping with this sort of things.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I’m in Poland 3 weeks, and I’ll be here for 11 months. But at first I want to go back and tell you about my expectations from my trip.
In my personal experience I had a lot of disappointments with expectactions so I started to not get my hopes up. And right before my transfer to Poland I was trying to be reasonable about my hopes. But as I am a person who thinks about staff I couldn’t let this issue be settled. So I started to imagine about changes and the impact that change could have on my life. Of course I wasn’t thinking about the artificial staff like the transportation system or the shop system, I was imagining the lifestyle I could and I want to have. At some point I forgot that I need to control my thoughts and I let myself to have huge expectations.
Somethings have changed and not the things that i expected and not in the way that i would think. But I figured the way out of this situation. And I want to share 5 things to avoid disappointment based on my experience.

  1. Control your thoughts.
    I know this is hard, and I know that sometimes it’s impossible. But there is a way of doing it. KEEP YOURSELF BUSY. This really works. Find some hobbies, go out with friends, gain new skills, this way you can kill two birds with one stone.
  2. Do research
    If you are thinking about it anyway, you can try to research about the thing that is going to happen. You can google it, you can find anything in google. You can get advise from your friends or acquaintances that have some kind of experience in that sphere.
  3. Be realistic
    After you researched about the change that is going to happen, you must be realistic. Of course anything that you hear it will be only an opinion of some one, but you can at least be familiar with it, and be more informed. That can lead you to not making things look bigger.
  4. Have a positive attitude
    Changes and thoughts about that changes are unavoidable, and you can help it with your positive attitude about it. Everything in life is leading to something, even bad things are supposed to make you stronger and better. As you know “no pain no gain” so anything hard and anything unbearable can lead you to the stronger you.
  5. Accept every little detail
    In the particular situation every detail is important, and any of it can make us to take the situation easier. So you need to appreciate every moment of your issue. And never ignore the little thing that might be solution of your issue.

It is natural to have this kind of problems, or take a long time to deal with them, even failure is better than not trying.

Thank you for your time.


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