Life in Poland- UPDATE

Hello readers…Elda here!

It’s been 7 months now here in Poland and I feel like time flied so quickly. Slowly, I am approaching the end of the project and the end of my stay in this country. I remember when I first came here, I didn’t know any word in polish and it was hard for me to communicate with people and to express myself. But when I see myself now that I managed to adapt so well and to communicate with people even with a broken polish I feel so good and think that I made the right decision to come here.

A long time far away from the life you used to live, from family and friends and just getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to unknown realms really teaches you a lot. It teaches you how to become more independent, how to take matters into your own hands and to rely on yourself in most situations. It also teaches you how to get rid of stereotypes and start to create meaningful relationships with people from a totally different culture that you knew nothing about.

When it comes to work, I couldn’t be more happy with the people I am working with. Everyone is ready to help me with whatever I need and they are always making sure to feel like home. Children on the other hand are used to me now and sometimes when they see me in the street they shout at me “Paniiii Eldaaaa” and it makes me really happy and appreciated.

I have had lots of amazing experiences here in Poland, I travelled a lot, I met people similar and different from me and still had a great time together exchanging ideas, thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Until next time,

Elda 🙂


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