Cześć czytelnicy!!

It is Julia again! Today I am going to tell you how it was the anniversary of MDK, the culture center where I am doing the volunteering with Qnarik. Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury (“Youth Community Center”) is a public educational institution run by the Oświęcim District. In there, children and young people have the opportunity to develop their interests and talents, and meet similar enthusiasts from other schools. So it is a great opportunity for peer integration.

Weeks ago, they celebrated their anniversary in a big event in the main square of Oświęcim. During the morning and afternoon of Saturday, they organised different kind of activities like chest, crafts, dances, traditional games, Legos…

We were lucky because it was a sunny day, and all the children and parents had a good time. My job in this event was doing balloons shapes for children. One of the teachers explained to me how I could do a dog, a horse, a flower, a sword, a cat with the balloons, it was very funny!

Also, in the event there was a stage, where they did a music competition, so many children they went on stage and sang or played very pretty songs. They had an incredible voice!

At night, the activities ended but gave way to a music concert. Three Polish bands participated in the concert: Stare Dziady, Ultrasonic and SIQ.

The concert started with Stare Dziady, a band from Oświęcim formed in 2020. The style in which he rotates is rock & roll punk atmosphere. It was a energetic and good concert.

Then, it was the turn of Ultrasonic that It’s also a band from Oświęcim, formed by two of the teachers of our Culture center: Janusz and Kamila. They are also our coordinators of the volunteering. They played some songs of their disco Ultrasonic, you can listen them in youtube, they are awesome.

To end the concert, SIQ played. They are a band that play alternative rock music. The concert it was very good also, but i really liked how the percussionist played, it was incredible.

In general, it was a fantastic day, with a lot of fun. I could meet new people and enjoy all the different activities. I hope the next event it will be soon!!

Until next time!



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