We’re getting started

This is the 38th day I am in Poland.
And I can say that I just started to have my first real experiences.

Last week I had my “first” working week. Why is it first below I will explain it.
As long as I got here I had 10 days of quarantine and after that I was participating in “On-Arrival training”. It was really fun. I got to know a lot of volunteers and I learned a lot about Polish culture and every day lifestyle. After that I worked for 2 days, and it was really nice, I got to know my working place and people that I’m working with. The week after that I wasn’t working, and that period of time I was preparing myself to my real work and my classes.
For me the week started on Saturday. I went with my flatmate to Czestochowa to the volunteers that we met during “on-arrival training”. I was there 2 days and spent very exciting time. I learned a lot about other countries’ culture.
I’m working in a Cultural Center of Oswiecim. And I started my work with very interesting classes. I’ve been in chess classes, guitar classes, ukulele classes and badminton classes. But the most important and interesting class was the one I was teaching.
I’m teaching Russian. It is my second language, because in Armenia we study it in schools, and I studied it even in my university. I have experience of teaching, not Russian but violin, because it was my profession. But the first class of Russian was very different. I’m in charge of a whole group of people and their knowledge of language. It makes me feel very responsible, and I need to be effective.
After the first class I was very happy, I felt like I can help people, I can give them my knowledge and be helpful. I was exhausted, because I worried about it whole week, but it was worth it.
Also this whole week I spent singing in classes, and that is the thing I love doing the most.
After this month I will have opportunity to teach singing and violin classes too, and It’s very exciting.
So I had “first” perfect working week. And I’m sure that further will be better.



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