Tamuna’s perfect day in Gdansk!

Gdansk is truly one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Poland, yet many people leave it off their lists in favour of Kraków, Wrocław and Warsaw. Today I want to tell you how I spend one perfect day walking in its beautifully restored streets to pick up its Baltic vibe.

To start the day, I visited traditional bar – Bar Mleczny Neptun. This old-fashioned cafeteria is a surviving milk bar, established in the communist era to provide cheap meals for workers. Bar mleczny has a lot to offer to the visitors, starting from traditional polish cuisine to international sweets.

When the kings of Poland came to the port city of Gdańsk, they would display their splendour by promenading along the Royal Route. As i was in Gdansk, of course I did the same by starting my journey at the Upland Gate, at the western end of the picturesque Main Town. Built in the 16th century, it’s embellished with unicorns, angels and lions. While admiring the beauty, I came across with Foregate which once served as a jail, and now is home to something much more attractive: amber. This is the city’s great treasure and is featured in the Amber Museum.

One of the must do things while you are in Gdansk is to visit 14th Century St Mary’s Church. Every day, at (11:57) small figures parade around its astronomical clock and you get the chance to see small show where Adam and Eve ring the bell on the hour. According to legend, the clock’s creator had his eyes gouged out so he’d never make a clock better than this one. After seeing the marvelous show I had the opportunity to climb the 78-metre tower, which involves 405 steps and is overlooking the whole Gdansk.

While walking in marvelous streets of Gdansk I decided to visit Gdynia and Sopot known as Trójmiasto. In Gdynia I had the opportunity to visit several ships and of course marvelous Baltic beach.

Gdansk is the most beautiful city in whole Poland for me and it is difficult to fully describe its beauty. As once Alexadra Stoddard said when you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go. So go in Gdansk, fall in love with the city and carry it with your heart wherever you go.

Tamuna Bichiashvili


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