Polish composer – Marcin Pryzbyłowicz

In this article, I wanted to focus on underrated musicians, that have been giving so much to the community, without the fame. Specifically, I will be focusing on the polish composer, Marcin Pryzbyłowicz.

Marcin Pryzbyłowicz is a polish composer and a sound engineer. He studied music for nearly 18 years in different institutions, while experimenting in different instruments. His career as a video game music composer started in the early 2000s, but his work started getting more traction after he joined the polish video game company called CD PROJEKT RED.

Marcin has contributed to a lot of games throughout the years, adding his original flare to each project, you could say, adding zeal to the projects with his out of the box approach on music. While making the soundtrack for “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, Marcin spent a lot of months perfecting each track, so it would be faithful to the project while mixing classical songs with a touch of old polish tales and lullabies, to uphold the medieval feel of the game.

On this project, he assembled an orchestra of renowned polish musicians, which played different pieces of orchestral music, using old instruments to recreate the atmosphere of medieval Poland. He focused on folk music, to enhance the impact of how the music would affect the gameplay of every person playing the game, to get them to be as immersed as they could in a medieval environment.

Another esteemed project of his, is the soundtrack of “Cyberpunk 2077”, was challenging for him because he had to shift from a medieval polish folk atmosphere to a totally different, modern, futuristic soundtrack. Although challenging, Marcin said in many interviews that it was an amazing experience to score the music, since it was set in a dystopian future, full of dangerous technology, he aimed to embrace the atmosphere and evoke a wide range of emotions by mixing instruments with the electronic aspect.

Having played both games and listened to both albums many times, I can say with full confidence that Marcin might be one of my favorite modern composers, because the way he embraces a theme and an environment to offer unparalleled scores that enhance the experience, is unlike any other.



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