Why volunteering matters

I work in a culture house, where people come to get some art, music, chess, language classes. I am having few of this classses, and I was always concerened how am I important in this place and why am I here. I thought that I can’t give in classes a lot of knowledge because I am with ones that are learning, and I was thinking that they can do better with the classes I teach.

And I changed my mind…

At first I want to say that my work atmosphere is the one that everybody dreams of. Teachers are incredible, they are kind and supportive. They do whatever it takes to make us feel like home, they assure us that we matter and all we do is the best. Every single person in this place is ready to help any time and in any way. This is about the staff that works in Cultural Center, but what about the people that are taking classes there, they are very friendly, they try to communicate with us even if they know few words in english. And it encoureges me to learn more Polish and get to know anything I could to communicate with this people.

Tell me who wouldn’t want to work here.

Before I thought that all I do is take a lot of good energy, a lot of knowledge and even if I tried my best I couldn’t give anything back. That was until I was in one of music classes and I caught myself on the thought “I have spent here 2 months already and I hate how fast time goes on and I don’t want to leave here”. It’s crazy because I have 10 months to stay here, but even a single thought that soon I will look at date and say “I leave from 2 days” scares me.

Finally why does volunteering work matter

Because every person has his/her own world, everyone is individual and everyone in unique. Every person brings energy with him/herself and whether it’s good or bad depends on how you treat that person. And every volunteer is a young individuum who is willing to give all it takes to help. Every little detail is important and when someone is trying hard to be useful it’s the best help that anyone could get.
I understood that volunteers bring a newness. The excitement of volunteer is infectious and can make anyone feel the same.
Volunteering is giving and taking, learning and teaching, working and resting, trying and succeeding.
This is the best experience that anyone could have, and I think that every one should have this experience.
And one of the great things about volunteering is making a lot of friend, getting to know people from different countries and people with different lifestyle.

So if you are reading and you want to gain one of the most incredible experiences in the world, than I recommend to apply for volunteering work in different country than yours and feel the joy that I am talking about.

P.S. I work in MDK of Oswiecim.



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