Welcome to MDK

Hello readers!

It’s Julia again!

Today I am going to tell you what is about my volunteer at MDK, that is, what I really do during the week in this cultural center.
As I have commented in another post, MDK is a cultural center where many boys and girls can improve their artistic and athletic skills for free. At the beginning of the project I was able to see what the classes were like and they allowed me to choose those that interested me the most, and it is in those activities that I try to help every week.

Mondays are usually quiet, I am in charge of making a video of everything that has happened the previous week, a good method to promote the center and where parents or students can see what has happened that week. Also, I participate in plastic classes, a perfect class for children to be creative and play with their imagination.

Tuesdays are musicals, we have Ukulele and guitar classes. I love music, so most of the activities I choose, are guitar lessons.
On Wednesdays I have to teach Spanish to adults and children or young people. These classes need preparation, so I take advantage of the mornings to prepare them. In addition, we have Polish classes to be able to learn the basics of the language and to improve our communication with the people in the center and in our life in Poland.

On Thursdays we also have a guitar class and also a Russian class, where my partner Qnarik tries to teach us this complicated language.

And finally another musical day, on Fridays, where I attend a marathon of guitar lessons.
In all these classes I try to help or participate, helping the children by drawing, singing the songs that are played with the guitar and ukulele …

Apart from these activities, from time to time they carry out events such as painting or music contests, celebrations … There I participate in the organization, taking photos or videos of the event, ordering things, cleaning or collecting what has been used…

So that’s it, this is my week! I hope you have found it interesting and help you understand a little better what kind of work you can find in a volunteer.




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