Impressions from the Mid-Term Training

Last week, I had my mid term training along with other volunteers, some of whom I already knew.

The beginning was a bit hard considering the fact that it would be online and this meant I had to stay again chained to the chair and in front of the laptop. But what can we do? In these type of circumstances, you have to adapt.

The trainers were not the same people from the first training. Now we had two Wojtek’s, really energetic and positive all the time which i liked it and in one week they never lost this type of energy.

Compared to the first training, I found this one more engaging, more practical and I feel I got more information.

We had all kinds of activities and workshops which were created by us and everyone had a space to talk, to ask about things that matter to us. Except the serious part, we had lots of fun workshops which gave us the freedom to move around, to be creative and express ourselves. For example, we had to record a podcast describing our whole experience here in Poland, how was it until now and what were our plans for the future. In another activity, we had to re-create some famous polish paintings with everything that we had at home in that moment.

We talked a lot about the future, what awaits us after we finish this project and I think a thing that we all volunteers had in common was this fear about the future. No one had a clear plan what to do after but I think that at least we helped each other with ideas and with new information.

Lastly, as it should be we created a group on whatsapp with the volunteers to organize something or meet soon.

All in all, 10/10.



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