Charytatywny Mecz Hokejowy HRAP&MOWP


I want to tell you about one of the biggest events that has happened in Oświęcim.

On Saturday, November 13, the 7th HRAP & MOWP Charity Hockey Match took place at the city’s ice rink. The organizer was the

Mała Orkiestra Wielka Pomocy Foundation. The Youth Community Center in Oświęcim this time acted as a supporting institution

and offered attractions to the smallest fans. So there was a balloon zoo, art and craft games, face painting.

We were there with MDK team, we were making balloon animals and giving away to children. It was a real magical atmosphere.

Everyone was excited to help as they can, there were a lot of volunteers. People were giving charity money without hesitating.

About the match.

Match was made by a lot of parts, at first on the rink were HRAP & MOWP. In both teams there were celebrities of all Poland and

The second part was with other Hockey teams but these were younger ones. In spite of their age they were very good and they

there were players that were professional. It was really fun to watch their game.

were real professionals.

And the third part was one of the adults’ teams and one of the children’s team. And they were competing as equals.

About the show

The show was really impressing. At first on the were little figure skaters, they were dancing.

And then in the end of the match there was a show with lights. It was really good and we were all very impressed.

And of course during the whole thing the cheerleaders were cheering the players.

My colleges from MDK were doing very important stuff for this event, for example one of the professors was play on keyboard

during the game, other ones were organizing interesting little activities for children.

It was a really great experience and it was very interesting as I am a sports fan.



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