Tips for traveling!!

No matter how much you travel where you travel and what type of traveler you are, we can always use some tips that can help us make our journey safer and more enjoyable.

It is likely that many of these tips have already been listened to ad nauseam, but it is worth remembering them. So here we leave you some basic tips for all types of travelers that you should take into account before, during and after the trip.

  1. Use a special bank card:

One of the best travel tips that we cannot stop sharing with you is that you enable your card to be able to use it abroad. In this way, it is possible for you to make use of your money in case of an emergency and you do not have cash. Sure, the commission for these services is usually high, but some banks tend to offer cards for international travellers. Which will allow you to make purchases without extra charges, withdrawals from ATMs and lighten your bag of pants, so that your trip is free of problems. There are also online banks that provide cards without any type of commission and where you can change your money to any currency, such as Revolut.

2. Pack your suitcase with what you need | Leave behind the “just in case”.

Think carefully about what you are going to put in your suitcase! We tend to fill it with items “just in case,” that is, things we imagine ourselves using in very special situations. For example a coat for the beach or a swimsuit for a mountaineering excursion.

Yes, it could be that these situations arise on your trip, but let’s recognize that the odds are low. So keep it simple! Leave the “just in case” behind. And if you really need something, remember that there are special stores for travelers, such as Tropic Feel.

3. Don’t forget:

If you travel by plane, take a change of clothes with you in your hand luggage in case your suitcase gets lost. Also, You should have some cash in case there is a problem.

Take a Power Bank: On your trip you will be all day taking photos and recording incredible videos. But of course, the mobile battery is not eternal. For this reason, carry a power bank in your backpack, that is, an external battery that allows you to charge your devices on the go. They are really cheap and you can save yourself in more than one trouble. In addition, many power banks allow you to charge several devices at the same time and, if they are large capacity, you can charge them several times. And the best thing is that they hardly even use space in the suitcase.

4. Beware of souvenirs | That they are not copies!
Stay away from the typical souvenirs without personality. Look for something special, something that will remind you of the adventure you have had in an authentic way. It may not be that easy to find, but it is an effort that will be worth it.

In addition, buying these types of souvenirs helps the local economy and supports the preservation of crafts and traditions that can sometimes have many centuries of history but are unfortunately being lost.

5. Rule out buying flights with airlines | Save on alternative pages
Another travel tip that no one tells you is that you shouldn’t buy your flights on the airline’s page. On these sites, offers are limited to customers and rates are often raised.

Instead, using a comparator like Skyscanner will save you good money. This type of platform allows you to compare dozens of flights. It also allows you to build the cheapest route and buy well in advance. In general, the best prices are obtained three months to two months before the flight date.

I hope this tips will be useful, thanks for reading me!



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