A journey to meeting the “new ME”


My name is Anna and I come from the land of breathtaking landscapes and astonishing contrasts named Armenia. I am 24 years old and I lived my entire life in one of the oldest capital cities in the world-Yerevan, which has a 2803-year-old history. Armenian culture and traditions are reflected in literature, folk dances, and music, in art, as well as in delicious cuisine. Armenia is, yet small, but a very welcoming and culture-oriented country and if you are a national cuisine and a cozy home-like atmosphere lover then you are more than welcome to spend your vacation in Armenia. You will encounter unique personalities, observe the cultural heritage of the world’s one of the oldest civilizations, as well as enjoy the incredible natural landscapes.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about myself. In 2020 I have graduated from the American University of Armenia with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Communications and I had a feeling that four years of my studies were only the beginning of a passionate journey. I have always been willing to challenge myself. Getting out of my comfort zone was something that not only taught me new skills but also helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, discover my passions and meet new people and opportunities. I am now driven by the idea of accepting new challenges and living my life to the fullest. My interests include photography, videomaking, contemporary dancing and yoga (I am a sports lover in general), psychology, art history, and traveling. Helping people, treating everyone with kindness and respect, accepting diversity, and being open to new discoveries are some of my personal values in life.

A year ago I would not even have an idea about where I would be and what I’d be doing today, but here I am now, writing this from Wola town in Poland where I will be doing a volunteering project called “Empowering Regions through Volunteering.” Applying for this project was a spontaneous decision, but realizing how many opportunities it will give me I decided to go for it. From attaining self-awareness to becoming a change agent in the world, from experiencing a new culture to meeting new friends: all of these are the things I could not be more excited about. I am sure that this experience is the first step in my aspiration to become a more global citizen.

Here in Wola, I will be working in a cultural center with children and doing organizational and educational works. I am excited to meet every beautiful human being who contributes to this project and start a thrilling journey with them.



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