Korca, The City of Serenades

Since Christmas and New Year’s are right around the corner, I was reminded of one Albanian city that is the most sought out during the festivities. Dubbed “Little Paris”, Korca makes for a perfect holiday getaway.

But what makes Korca so sought after? To be honest, this city can be visited no matter what time of the year, but, every winter the city is coated in a white veil, enhancing its beauties.

Although a small city, there is simply so many things to do. From the boulevard to the bazaar, from the small coffee distros and rakia places, you can pretty much forget the daily stress and wind down in this comfy city.

For New Year’s, most traditional places offer a variety of traditional food, good wine and rakia, even their own brew of beer. Also, musicians serenade during the whole night, making it even more special. Since it usually snows every year, the bazaar, the cathedral and the boulevard take a whole new different look, especially at night when the decorative lights are on as well.

If you want to fill up the rest of your days, there are some museums to visit, the most famous being the Gjon Mili Photography museum (I’ve written an article about him some months back). You can also visit a nearby village called Voskopoja, which by many is considered one of the best alpine retreats in the area and the whole country as well.

Words cannot do it justice, you just have to be there to experience it.

– Hansi


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