There’s nothing quite like Christmas markets to get you into the seasonal spirit! Think about hundreds of beautifully decorated stalls offering up everything from mouth-watering festive treats such as gingerbread men to mulled wine and ale to keep out the cold. Not to mention a nice traditional feel and lovely atmosphere that makes Christmas in Poland such a special time!

Then, of course, the markets can be the perfect place to pick up handmade gifts, new decorations for your tree, and even local snacks as smoked cheese called “Oscypek” or homemade cakes to add a twist to your Christmas dinner. If you’re on the lookout for really unique gifts for your loved ones, then again markets are the place where you can track them down.

There are loads of charming Christmas spots across Poland, so the choice can be a little overwhelming, but to give you a helping hand I have rounded up the top Polish Christmas markets that need to be on your winter radar:

  1. Łódź (Piotrkowska Str.) – open until the 23rd December
  2. Katowice (Main Square) – open until the 23rd December
  3. Kraków (Main Square ) – The oldest Christmas Market in Poland – open until the 26th December
  4. Poznań – „Poznań Bethlehem” (Plac Wolności) – open until the 22nd December
  5. Toruń – open until the 22nd December
  6. Warszawa (Old Town) – open until the 6th of January 2020
  7. Wrocław (Main Square) – open until the 31st December

I am going to talk about some of them:

Warsaw Christmas Market
In Warsaw’s Stare Miasto, or Old Town, visitors will find a stunning Christmas market.  From the end of November to the middle of January, the Warsaw market boasts with handcrafted wooden decorations, traditional live music, dancing, an illuminated Christmas tree and lots of delicious cuisine.  To experience the inviting culture, the amazing seasonal cuisine and the vibrant markets, there is no better time to visit Poland than during the Christmas holidays.

Krakow Christmas Market

Krakow’s annual holiday market takes placed in the Rynek, or Market Square. Expect a blanket of white snow on the ground, giant wooden barrels filled with mulled wine and vendors selling fried oscypek cheese in chunks and on hot sandwiches.  It is also a perfect place to shop for souvenirs and Christmas gifts.

Wroclaw Christmas Market

Wroclaw is home to Poland’s largest Christmas market, making it a natural stop for anyone who loves the holiday season. Browse stalls in search of beautiful Polish ornaments to hang on a tree back home, or indulge in the unique chocolate gingerbread that is readily available throughout the market.

I hope this post will be useful for you! Until next time!



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