Still looking for ways to start from scratch?

How often do we postpone possible life changes to a specific date: for example: from Monday I will start a diet, from March 1 I will start going to the gym, etc. People tend to say, here I’m overeating a little more cakes, I’ll lie on the couch with a book, and then, as soon as I get up, I’ll take care of myself!

The most popular time to start a new life is traditionally considered the New Year because here, it would seem, that the calendar itself at a symbolic level gives us the opportunity to start life from scratch. Here, it is important to mention that people somehow obey the herd feeling, we experience the crowd effect, especially on New Year's Eve. I personally don't think that following this "crowd effect" is a bad thing, some people stick to their New Year resolutions, but others give up on January the 2nd and start blaming themselves for not being strong and motivated enough to change their life. Here, I would love to share some tips on how to reconsider your life on New Year by reflecting on the past.

Leave the negative in the outgoing year
To start living in a new way, first of all you have to deal with the past. It is necessary to analyze what came out of what you planned, what plans you postponed to next year, what did not work out and why.

Sometimes if something important didn’t happen or, on the contrary, something happened that we didn’t want at all, we can “hang” in it for a long time. Such experiences take a lot of nerves and energy that could be directed to the achievements of the present day. Accept one thought for yourself: you acted in the only possible way, chose the best option out of all possible at that time. Forgive yourself this choice, even if it was wrong, as you now understand, and go ahead. Your energy is needed here and now. None of us can control the past yet. In other words-HAVE NO REGRETS. It all happened for a reason, you’ve learned from it, and now-MOVE ON.

Take your time to change everything

I would recommend making changes gradually. A “big” goal can be achieved in small steps: break a large-scale task into subtasks with a visible result. It will be easier to achieve the goal this way. By the way, such a gradual format of achieving goals can become a “habit”, and this is the beginning of the path to changing life. The psychologists also say that it is worth considering your past experience and learning from mistakes. If you have already tried to start life from scratch, but you did not succeed– it is important to analyze why you failed to do it. There can be many reasons – fears, resentments. Sometimes we underestimate or, conversely, overestimate ourselves. The main thing is to remember that by fulfilling the tasks set, we become stronger, which means we will be able to realize more global dreams.

Reward yourself

One thing that most people tend to neglect is rewarding themselves for their achievements (not always achievements need to be rewarded but also small steps that you took that are important for you. )If a person refuses something important to him, he needs to fill the void that has arisen. Come up with a reward for yourself that will help you not to abandon your plans. For example, you decided to quit smoking. But now you allow yourself to sit quietly for an hour and watch your favorite movies not only on weekends, but also on weekdays. You have decided not to eat more sweets, but at the end of the week you indulge yourself with different fruits and so on. Rewards do not have to be big, expensive or materialistic, you can just light up a candle and meditate, or cook something that you have been craving for a while.

Write everything down on paper.

What we have planned doesn’t mean anything if we don’t write it all down. It is much easier to abandon such plans, but it is difficult to show the wonders of self—organization and fulfill the planned. Therefore, it is important to record all the changes in life that you plan on a piece of paper. Not only plans can be written down on paper, but also little thoughts and creative ideas. How often did you get an idea and didn’t implement it because you forgot? So, in order to utilize your mental and creative capabilities to the fullest, try to write down little thoughts and key points of whatever comes up to your mind.


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