New Year’s Eve

Whether you like it or not, we face the same pressure each year: schedule plans with other people to do something unique and different, wear our best clothes and party like there’s no tomorrow. But, this is just a day in the calendar, pretty much like any other day. So, why do we get so hyped up about it?

December 31st symbolizes the end of the old and the beginning of something new. It gives us time to reflect on what happened and focus on the future. It’s a time where we celebrate on the changes, the good times and the challenges that we’ve overcome. In a way, it’s a celebration of survival, especially during these times of uncertainty. We as human beings, are hardwired to strive forward and prosper. And what better way to celebrate this achievement by toasting at the end of the year?

Something else that adds meaning to this day, is the miscellaneous traditions that each country has regarding this day. In some cultures, its significance is to chase away the bad luck. Villagers in Scotland walk around swinging giant blazing fireballs over their heads. In Denmark, people throw glasses and plates against the door. Both, traditions to banish bad spirits.

In some countries, it’s the opposite, to bring good luck to each other. In Spain, as soon as it’s midnight, people eat 12 grapes, which represent the 12 months of the year.

In Siberia, trees are planted underneath frozen lakes and in South Africa, people throw furniture out the window, both traditions that symbolize a fresh start.

Like I mentioned before, New Year’s Eve is a time of self-reflection and thinking of changes. That’s why New Year’s Resolutions are still strong as ever among the community. Resolutions are an example of the human desire to have some control over the future, while striving to be better and thrive. Resolutions vary from person to person, as everyone’s dreams and struggles are different.

To you, the reader, I hope you achieve whatever you set your mind to. I wish you successful endeavors and lots of happy memories and adventures for the upcoming year.

Happy New Year!



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