Here’s to the New Year!

We are officially in 2022 people!

For most of people, the beginning of a new year starts with resolutions, with new goals and objectives and also with a reflection of the year that’s passed. These first days of 2022 for me were days of self-reflection and I came to the conclusion that 2021 for me was a bittersweet year. It was like a rollercoaster that was passing through the negative side of life and then going back to the positive but I am glad about it because I feel that 2021 taught me a lot.

It taught me to become more independent, taught me how to let go and to distinguish things that are good or bad for me. Slowly, I was fulfilling every thing I wanted for myself even though at that moment I didn’t understand because I was too busy thinking about the next step. In few words, I am proud of myself for trying everyday to become the person I want to be. I know the road is long and full of obstacles but I am ready for everything.

I met lots of people and became part of a new world that changed my perspective on lots of things so I am very glad I took this opportunity. In this new year, I am eager to discover myself in other dimensions, take more opportunities, become more self-aware and prioritizing myself over everyone and everything because at the end of the day all we have is ourselves.

I hope that everyone who reads this has a wonderful year too and cheers to new beginnings!


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