3 Tips To IMPROVE Your Public Speaking

The first and the absolute fundamental tips of all tips derivate from a Studie made by David JP Peterson who study 5000 public speakers and conclude them on 110 skills is *uhhhhhhh* is not doing that. 

Not using filler sounds because you tend to use filler sounds when you are nervous when you do not know what you are going to say, when you lose your train of thought, when you are lying, and when you are not confident even if you are confident but you use filler sounds it will seem like you are not confident. What you can actually do is to replace the filler sounds with the pause because the pause gives emotion and if you give that emotion to the people listening, they will make the decisions you want them to take. The day you cut out your filler sounds you will be perceived as more credible and you will feel more confident.  

Tip number two comes down to public speaking and body language, so what is the most crucial there it’s got to do with your hands. A lot of people tend to be scared when they communicate especially when they do public speaking or presentation so they tend to lock their body language. 

One of the most popular ones is the fig leaf position, you have got the double bunny position, right bunny position or left bunny position, left Rockey tackle or the left Rockey tackle, and sure the peacock very very common about men. You should be using gestures for what they are supposed to be used for, increase the value to lower the value, to underline what is being said for instance if I am going to catch a ball, I can do that in real life or I can just say that I’m going to catch a ball which doesn’t make any sense at all unless I show the gestures that I’m going to catch a ball, in that way using invisible props is brilliant in order to increase or enhance the purpose and the object that you are talking about in the particular part of your presentation. 

So, in your talk number one is to add functional gestures to it, number two is to use invisible props by showing invisible things with your hands and Rember, that they are more powerful if they work in synchronization. 

And we have come to the third and the last tip is that people start their presentation by fleeing the scene, you see when we are scared, we either freeze or we fled or we fight. But what we can take with us from is to avoid reversing when you are starting your presentation, you see when someone moves forward while talking, they gain the attention of the audience and they show confidence, not only that but they create confidence in their self by taking a step forward.  

So, what should we do about the “walking part”? You see the secret key to all the public speaking which goes like this is that you are allowed to move just as much as you wish as long as every movement on stage is functional. You use your stage to walk from point A to point B, to walk so you can interact or walk around to increase the value and clarity of what you are saying. 

– Florian


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