Beginning of a new adventure

From the beginning till the end this experience proved me how wrong I was about Poland. At a glance it’s shown as a problematic country just like its people. This is both true and false.

The whole thing will depend on the people you encounter. I was lucky enough to meet wonderful people, not only at FRSP but also at my workplace and among the locals. Everyone was willing to help me with anything I needed. Coming from such a small place like Madeira didn’t prepare me for all the new things I had to deal with, but it wasn’t a big problem since I was excited and motivated. Volunteering allowed me to travel around Poland and to other European countries with other volunteers and friends I made along the way. My personal skills improved to imaginable levels, specially when it comes to independence. Being so young with such independence prepared me ready for other adventures and adult life in general, perhaps in Poland.

I am beyond thankful for this opportunity and for all the admirable people I met.

-M. A.


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