Christmas Carols and Pastoral Competition

Hello readers!

Today I am going to talk about one competition that Qnarik and me participated as a judges, the 2nd district competition of Christmas carols and pastorales, in which participants had to present two christmas carols or pastorales.

The competition was on January 10, 2022 in Młodzieżowa Piwnica Artystyczna MDK, Oświęcim. There were more than 30 participants and it went on four hours. We were judges with our two coordinators, Kamila and Janusza, and the director of MDK, Alina Kwarciak.

Participants were divided in three categories depending on their age, and three people from each group were selected for first, second and third place. In addition, honorable mentions were made for those participants who almost got one of those positions.

It’s not the first time we’ve participated in a contest like this, as part of our work at MDK, and it’s always an amazing and rewarding experience. Thanks that we know more about Christmas Polish traditions and their songs.

It was difficult to choose the winners given the high level existing among the participants. Many of them made so much effort into the scenery and clothing.

I hope that soon I can share another similar experience,



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