One of the best cities in Poland

In my whole project time which is 1 year I think it’s impossible to get to know all cities, villages in Poland. But I guess it’s not necessary to see every little detail to feel the vibe of the country, and to know the most important events in history or habits in everyday life.

Here I want to present you one of my favorite cities in Poland

As I said before It’s not possible to see all the country in such a short time, so I guess I haven’t seen everything, but I will have the chance to do it in 7 months. As much as I haven’t seen but I have seen the most beautiful city` Wroclaw.

Some will agree with me some won’t, but I found magical the atmosphere of Wroclaw. I would spend a lot of time there if I had the chance but even in very short time this city could impress me.

I saw the Christmas market which was very big and very pretty. A lot of decorations and a lot of lights that made you feel like this is the picture of Christmas, if painters could represent Christmas by a picture it would be the whole Main Square of Wroclaw.

Beyond the Christmas feeling Wroclaw is breathtaking even with the most ordinary buildings, that are ordinary maybe for people living there but for others it’s something magical. I could walk for hours there and not get bored because every next part of the city was better than the previous one.

After this trip to Wroclaw I was very interested in this city so I researched some facts about the main square and I below I will share with you few of them.

If you have been to Wroclaw probably you remember the Town Hall, where a lot of sculptures where represented but did you know that the figures on the Town Hall represent different classes of society. And they have faces of real people that lived in Wroclaw.
And one more thing about Town Hall, that It took more than 300 years to finalize this building!

The Salt Square is just right next to the main Market Square, you could say it is the smaller brother/sister. The name has roots dating back to the Middle Ages when wagons of salt were being brought there. Nowadays you can find 24/7 flower stalls.

The largest part of the Market Square is the western side․ This area has seen many fortunate and unfortunate events – concerts, tournaments and executions.  
The Hussite Jan Krasa was killed there, to give you one example…

The pillory on the Market Square just in front of the town hall is no longer used as a tool of justice…

Today it is a popular place for public demonstrations as against the dictatorship and cruelty in Belarus, and of course also against the Polish government.

This is not all that I wanted to know about this wonderful city, so I will be back there, and I will find out a lot more and share it with you. But this is it for now.



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