Russian phrases for visiting the biggest country

The Russian language is often considered one of the hardest to comprehend. Yet I’ve met a lot of people pursuing this extraordinary tongue.
In this article, I want to share some common phrases that will come in handy when visiting Russia.

Asking for direction

Как мне пройти до…
– остановки
– банкомата
– улицы __
– торгового центра __

Kak mne proiti do
torgovovo tsentra

How can I get to
a bus station
an ATM
the street ___
a mall ___

In a restaurant

Можно меню?
Где туалет?
Я буду это
Можно мне воду с газом?

Можно мне воды без газа?

Можно счет?
Спасибо, было вкусно!

Mozhno menyu?
Gde tualet?
Yа budu eto
Mozhno mne vodu s gazom?
Mozhno mne vody bez gaza?
Mozhno schot?
Spasibo, bylo vkusno!

Can I have a menu?
Where is the restroom?
I’ll take this (point)
Can I have sparkling water?
Can I have still water?

May I have the bill?
Thank you, it was delicious!

Usefull words and phrases

Скажите, пожалуйста..
Помогите мне, пожалуйста
Как дела?
Добрый день
Спокойной ночи
Вы говорите по-английски?
Я не говорю по-русски
Я вас не понимаю

Skazhite, pozhalusta
Pomogite mne, pozhalusta

Kak dela?
Dobryy den’
Spokoynoy nochi
Vy govorite po-angliski?

Ya ne govoryu po-russki
Ya vas ne ponimayu

Could you tell me, please..
Help me, please
Thank you
How are you?
Hello (formal)
Good afternoon
Good night
Do you speak English?

I don’t speak Russian
I don’t understand you

You can combine these words and phrases to form full sentences and sound not only fluent, but also polite.
Hope this will help you not to get lost and make lots of new friends! Promise you, Russians will appreciate your efforts and gladly help you with everything they can!
Have a safe trip!

– Alena.


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