ESC On-arrival training

Recently I took a part in the on-arrival training which is one of the key features of European Solidarity Corps. It allowed us, ESC volunteers, to dive into the local culture, get to know each other – youngsters from all over the world, and discuss diverse sides and roles.

The training and evaluation dimension within ESC aims at providing young
volunteers with continuous guidance and support throughout their voluntary
service period. Such training and evaluation contributes to the education and
development of each young person. It also helps resolve conflicts and
prevent risks, and it provides a means of assessing the volunteer’s ESC

The main objective of the on-arrival training is to introduce the volunteers to
the host country, preparing them for the service period and the EVS
experience. On-arrival training helps the volunteers adapt to cultural and
personal challenges. It allows volunteers to get to know each other and to
build a network. Volunteers also receive guidance on conflict
prevention and crisis management.

At the same time, this training equips the volunteers with communication
skills, including aspects of intercultural learning. It helps them become aware
that cultural differences require different models of behavior. The training is
also a time for the volunteers to plan the coming months and to develop
their own personal goals for their period of service, in line with the nonformal learning philosophy of EVS.
If volunteers have already spent time in their Receiving Organization, they
exchange their first experiences and clarify questions related to their project.

For 5 days we have been meeting with the trainers and participants every morning and completing different tasks on cultural, informational aspects. From going out to take pictures and taking with strangers to discussing ecological, political and economical issues in our countries. This way, I had a chance to learn more about Germany, France, Spain, Malta, Poland, Armenia.

Unfortunately, the training went online due to the COVID restrictions and it did overshadow my impression a bit – we didn’t have the opportunity to meet up face-to face. Even though, I believe we contributed to the event and received all the necessary help, information and exchange.



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