Advantages of using cookies

Some of us are afraid to accept cookies when opening a website. They are not as dangerous as you might think. So, to set doubts at rest, we summed up the advantages of using cookies:

  • They are practical and don’t need any server as they are stored on the user’s computer.
  • The cookies are configured to stop when the session is over; they are working while the user is active.
  • The cookies are useful in the storage of the information
  • Since cookies are not stored on a server it requires less memory as the data is not being returned to a server.
  • Information contained in cookies can last for months and even years, so the user can easily check it.
  • As the cookies are being stored on the consumer’s hard drive, the information will survive any computer crash. 
  • The cookies are making web browsing fast and easy.
  • Most companies, especially e-commerce sites, tend to use cookies to tailor products to their customers. Information such as search terms, keywords, and geographical locations are gathered for their marketing campaign. Even social networking sites like Facebook use cookies to show relevant ads.
  • Besides websites, cookies can also store information related to forms. So each time the user visits the site, the address form will be filled automatically. However, cookies will not remember confidential information such as credit card info.

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