Disadvantages of Cookies for customers

  • As mentioned previously, cookies are not secure as they are stored in the clear text they may pose a possible security risk as anyone can open and tamper with cookies. You can manually encrypt and decrypt cookies, but it requires extra coding and can affect application performance because of the time that is required for encryption and decryption.
  • Cookies are not restricted based on internet usage. Whenever a user surfs the web, more and more cookies will be accumulated. Unless the user deletes them, these cookies will be a part of the hard drive space. This eventually slows down or lags the browser.
  • If a website expects to find a cookie on your computer that has login information, and you’ve already gotten rid of that cookie, you may not be able to log in to the site, and the site’s developer provides no alternate method of logging you in.
  • When you let people use your browser account, they can see what kinds of sites you visit by peeking at your browser file — unless you get rid of them!
  • Cookies are not dangerous themselves, but they do create opportunities for hackers to take partial control of online sessions, often masquerading as legitimate users. Experts say users should be aware of four main kinds of cookie fraud: cross-site scripting, session fixation, cross-site request forgery, and cookie tossing.

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